Selling a Property

When it comes to selling a property, we tell our clients there are three steps:
Preparation. Preparation. Preparation.

1. So Let’s Prepare:

  • Transition from “Living in a House" to "Selling a House"
    The two can be quite different. You will want to present your home in its best light and in a way that appeals to the majority. Perhaps now is the time to reconsider storing your winter clothes in a pile at the bottom of your closet, or move your TV out from in front of your fireplace. Definitely stop smoking in your garage (the #1 complaint from buyers).

  • De-Clutter & De-Personalize
    Think “less is more”. Plus, it’s a great opportunity to start packing. Clean, open spaces with clear flat surfaces and minimal wall décor creates a visual blank canvas for the buyer and creates the illusion of more space.

  • Take Care of All of the Little Things
    Anything you’ve been putting on the back burner: like fixing that squeaky door, replacing that light bulb way up high, cleaning your fridge until it sparkles, those types of things. And remember first impressions count - be sure to take some time to clean the front steps and exterior door. 

  • Small Repairs & Detailed Cleaning
    Hire somebody to do any small repairs and even the deep cleaning before listing. We promise you, it’s worth it, and you will get the money back either by way of a fast sale or being the better choice to any competing listings. Buyers tend to spend more time in a home when it's sparkling clean.

  • Staging for Photos
    The listing photos are essentially your first impression to buyers. Most transactions start online these days. We want the photos to invite a buyer to book a showing. We will work with you beforehand to achieve this.
  • Determining the Market
    Taking the time to really understand where the market is at. Is now the right time to sell? We can help you make a calculated and informed decision.

2. Understanding the Financial Implications of a Sale

  • Professional Fees
    This includes Real Estate commissions, Lawyer fees and any applicable taxes for the handling of the sale of your property.

  • Bank Penalties
    Are you breaking the terms of your mortgage early? Always find out what it will cost you. Call your mortgage specialist, have your mortgage number ready and find out about the existing terms and possible penalties. Sometimes the expense makes sense, other times you may be shocked at the cost. Be informed. 

  • Moving Expenses
    Not to be overlooked, even if you’re moving within town, there are expenses to be accounted for. Professional movers or moving van rentals, boxes and packing supplies, and hook-up fees for new services, just to name a few.

  • Any Potential Tax Implications
    As of 2016 homeowners are now responsible for reporting the sale of their principal residence on their tax return. If you have a rental property, this isn’t anything new. The sale of an income/rental property could have tax implications. Be informed and consult a professional.

Let’s sit down together and go through these steps. This will trigger a sequence of events for you the seller, and help determine if the time is right to sell. No time is ever wasted for us to sit down and help you understand the numbers. Even if at the end of the day you don’t list, we are happy to provide our services and help you come to the decision that is right for you. It’s a part of what we do.

3. You Are Ready to List

  • Strategy & Price
    You’ve done your homework and you’re ready to list, congratulations! We realize it is a lot of work, and as fore-mentioned, preparation! Let’s have a look at the market and determine where you fit. It’s important to price where the most action will be generated and not leave so much room for negotiations that you out-price yourself from the action.

  • Easy & Stress-Free
    You’ve done all the preparation and we know how much work it takes. We promise easy contract signing and an activated listing within 24hrs of the listing photo appointment.

4. Marketing Plan

  • The Basics
    We promise mastery of the basics. Your listing will hit the local MLS® with professional and edited listing photos, complete and accurate data entry with every single search criteria marked off – ensuring your listing is showing up everywhere possible. A well-written description focused on the feel of the home to add even more detail.

  • Online Presence
    We have invested in today’s best website technologies ensuring that our listings are getting the attention they deserve. Our social media campaigns are designed to drive even more traffic to our website and ultimately, your listing.

  • Finding the Buyer
    We work hard to promote your listing and sourcing the right buyer for your property. Matching our existing buyers to our own listings is a priority and a track record we are proud of. Our community reach is far and wide and we are constantly networking with our contacts in various sectors and relocation companies.

We want to be your professional advisors. Get the value you deserve with our team of professional real estate agents.

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