Fort McMurray has often been touted the "Land of Opportunity". Many come  here with the proverbial five year plan, and find themselves here long after that page turns on the calendar. There are many reasons behind the economic growth of our community; of course oil being the first to come to most people's minds when thinking about our region. The truth is the growth seen over the past decade and the growth to come is much more multi-faceted. The demand for services, businesses, art and culture is high, and now the post-fire re-build has brought yet another burst of activity. The government has heard our cries and the federal government is working together with the municipality to see that land and resources are available to feed these needs. Headlines have been making there way across the province, country and world enticing investors from all walks of life looking to make the most of this so called land of opportunity.

Our commercial Real Estate experience stems from many long standing personal and business relationships with local developers, business people, entrepreneurs and government officials. Our commitment to the utmost integrity has developed my reputation as a trusted advisor and quality service provider.

The plans to grow this community are extensive and vary from high density residential buildings to the largest residential neighbourhood in our community with big box stores and school still to come. Also not to be overlooked is the re-build of Fort McMurray since the May 2016 wildfire. The number of residential homes to be re-built has brought its own economic growth, with the high demand for trades and materials, with many individuals and businesses setting up shop here with work lined up for the foreseeable future.

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