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If you're thinking about buying a new home, you may be considering purchasing in a new development.

How does that compare to purchasing a resale property?

Buying a newly-built home has some advantages. Depending on the development, you may have leeway in the style of the home, finishes and the lot you choose. Also, when the home is built, you'll be moving into a place where everything is brand new!

On the downside, however, you may be forced to make a decision based purely on marketing brochures and floor plans. Unless there's a model home just like the one you want, you'll be buying sight unseen. Also, there may be unpredictable construction delays - an unpleasant experience if you've already sold your current property. 

Of course, buying a

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It can be tough to make the decision to sell. In fact, for many homeowners, it's overwhelming. If you're considering making a move and struggling with the decision, here are five helpful questions to ask yourselves:

1. "What are our practical reasons for selling?"

This question refers to what you'll get by moving to a new home. The reasons could include a bigger backyard, shorter commute to work, an extra bedroom, a more desirable neighbourhood, etc.

2. "What are our emotional reasons for selling?"

This question refers to how you'll feel about living in a new home. For example, you might feel safer, less cramped, less worried (because the local schools are better), or happier (because the shorter commute means more time with your family.)

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Imagine your coffee maker switching on by itself, staying on for hours, overheating and becoming a fire hazard. That's not science fiction. As more and more appliances incorporate WIFI, the opportunities for hackers to play havoc with your home gadgets increase.

How do you prevent that from happening? Here are some safety tips:

  • If your gadget uses a password to access the settings, change that password frequently. Ideally, change it once every 3 months. 
  • Some gadgets, such as alarm systems, come with their own connection to the internet. Learn how to turn that connection off if it becomes necessary to do so. 
  • Don't leave an internet-connected appliance or other gadget on constantly unless it's necessary. For example, you don't need your
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When you sell, you'll probably want to get the best possible price for your property. Who wouldn't? Unfortunately, there are many ways to inadvertently leave money on the table - sometimes thousands of dollars. 

How do you avoid that possibility? Just remember the 4 Ps:

  1. Prep. Do everything you can to prepare your home so that it looks great to buyers. Clean, declutter, fix, make improvements. Home staging can also help. In fact, effectively staged homes have been shown to sell for up to 5% more than comparable unstaged properties. 
  2. Price. Set the right asking price. That's crucial. If it's too low, you'll attract only deal-hunters - and you might end up getting less than you should. If the asking price is too high, however, you'll discourage
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Here's a surprising statistic. Less than 30% of window replacements are a result of the old windows being worn, broken or otherwise in need of replacement. 

Clearly, there are other good reasons to consider new windows!

One of the most popular motivations is cosmetic. Brand new windows have a huge impact on the overall look of a home, both on the inside and the outside. New windows can improve curb appeal - an important element when you sell a home. From the inside, new windows can dramatically improve the look of a room. 

Another reason to replace windows is to address energy costs. Modern windows are packed with technologies that lower heating/cooling bills. From low-e/argon to special spacer bars to high-insulating construction, these

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Do you have only a few weeks to search for your next dream home? Don't panic. There are things you can do to find the perfect (or, slmost perfect) property - without getting too stressed out. 

Consider these tips:

  • Pre-arrange your mortgage. You want to be able to make a good offer on a home right away, without worrying about financing. So talk to your mortgage advisor or lender about getting a mortgage pre-approval. Sellers will take your offer more seriously if you have financing in hand. 
  • Decide what you want. What type of home are you looking for? What type of neighbourhood to you want to live in? The narrower your focus, the less you'll waste looking at homes that don't fit your needs. 
  • Be open to possibilities. There are probably
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A video message from Julio Florez

Today I am proud to announce my new Real Estate Team and website FLOREZ | BURTON with Royal Lepage True North Realty. I have built a team of professional Realtors who believe in the same philosophy of service. Welcome to my loyal Business Manager Donna Donna Perrault Houston, her husband Ryan Houston, Kari Kalinin and Jason Comeau. 

My philosophy is about honest caring and professional advice about Real Estate and about your property.
The new website name honours my Son Benjamin who I always hoped would join my team. It also honours my commitment to mentoring new Realtors.
I hope you find my new website helpful and informative and I ask that you please reach out to me or any of my Team members

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